Within the past year, Simpli.fi has moved into household-level advertising targeting and brought its digital advertising targeting strategies to OTT and connected TV, says CEO Frost Prioleau. OTT and connected TV “has been a huge rollout for us where we rolled out all our digital advertising targeting strategies, including behavioral targeting and demographic targeting,” Prioleau explains in this interview with Beet.TV at the LUMA Partners Digital Media East conference.

“We had always been in local and we’ve seen the definition of local start at the DMA level, go to city level, go to ZIP level,” says Prioleau. “And then we rolled out addressable, which is really household-level targeting.”

Furthering its position in the OTT/CTV market, Simpli.fi recently announced a partnership with FreeWheel Advertisers to execute their OTT/CTV buys, making it easy for Strata users to buy OTT/CTV programmatically, similar to the way they buy digital media, according to a news release.

OTT/CTV advertisers, including those who work with Simpli.fi through the FreeWheel Advertisers division, can upload to Simpli.fi a list of up to one million street addresses “and then just target those particular households with ads, and also do attribution against those households to see what sort of foot traffic those ads drove to local retailers.”

Just as cable companies have been targeting different households with different ads, “We wanted to bring that same capability to programmatic over-the-top advertising” to leverage “a huge trove” of offline data associated with physical household addresses.

In this manner, for example, a Mercedes dealer can target households within a 15-mile radius that have a minimum household income of $150,000. “And so they can pick out the houses within the neighborhood they want to target, whether they’re a high tendency to be a luxury goods purchaser or auto intender or have a car coming off of lease.”

Many of Simpli.fi’s buyers are multi-location brands in categories like quick-serve restaurants, financial services and real estate that have hundreds or thousands of offices. “What they want to do is both unique targeting around each one of their offices, and they also want to have unique messaging around each one of their offices where they might want to show the contact information or the address for the local store.”

Expanding beyond OTT/CTV, Simpli.fi leverages unstructured data to offer buyers a clearer look at the data driving their campaigns to better inform their choices and empower their mobile, video, display and native campaigns at the localized level.

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