Telaria CEO Mark Zagorski sees “a ton of growth” for app-based companies providing over-the-top television services. Their potential comes as OTT and connected-TV have gone from discovery to the make-it-better stage.

“If you think about advertiser demands, they increasingly are becoming focused on addressable,” Zagorski says in this interview with Beet.TV at the recent LUMA Partners Digital Media East event. At the same time, advertisers want to know “how do I reduce the friction between me and the seller?”

As a video management platform, Telaria works with virtual MVPD’s, broadcasters and app-based companies in CTV and OTT. “I think where we see a ton of growth is the app-based world. That‘s where consumers are just starting to experiment,” says Zagorski, who joined the company two years ago.

He believes that virtual MVPD’s “are going to get so much of a share,” about 10% of audience versus cable, “and the broadcasters are going to have to catch up on what they’re doing in the online space.

“So the guys in the middle, which are the app-based companies that came digital first, provide a really interesting opportunity for advertisers” because they’re relatively untapped.

Overall, CTV and OTT have “rapidly gone from the discussion being what is it to how do I get it to how do I make it better,” Zagorski explains. “And I think we’re on the verge of that how do I make it better discussion. Which is how do I make it more addressable. How do I make reduce the friction, how do I create more transparency in the buying process.”

Those are three areas “that we’re going to be pushing conversations in” at the upcoming 2019 Cannes Lions confab. “How we make it more relevant across the board for advertisers and consumers and make a better experience for them.”

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of LUMA Partners’ DIGITAL MEDIA EAST 2019. For more videos from the conference, please visit this page. This series is sponsored by 4INFO.