According to the accepted depiction of the marketing “funnel”, television is a medium marketers best use to drive initial brand awareness.

But that is only because, without access to return-path data, TV has never been able to boast the kinds of user attribution that new digital media do.

Now that TVs have got connected, however, all that is changing – and one ad-tech exec thinks this turns on its head the place of TV in the funnel.So,

“I think the big thing for us is to look at TV as a performance channel,” says Jo Kinsella, TVSquared chief revenue officer, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

TVSquared is a company helping brands learn how TV advertising is driving traffic to their websites.

But Kinsella doesn’t need a viewer to click from their TV to a website. TVSquared uses a range of other data to establish whether a viewer exposed to an ad took a follow-up action that led to a purchase.

“We get post logs … the time that the ad aired, and then we would typically deploy a pixel tracker to a website,” she says. “We will integrate with an app company to get app downloads or registrations. We take phone data. We take good old fashion SMS data. You name it, we’ve seen it all over the last six years.”

Kinsella credits “digital-thinking CMOs” that are now beginning to draw a line from linear TV to digital performance. Companies like Untuckit, Placed, Hello Fresh and Third Love are using the new capability, she says.

“You should be able to measure (TV) and optimize it,” Kinsella adds. “Linear wasn’t cool for a while, but actually people are realizing that it still has the quickest and easiest way to get reach and to get the name out there and to really drive sales or registrations, whatever the KPI is.”

Beet.TV recorded this interview at the Advanced Advertising Summit in New York City.