FreeWheel is bringing in-flight advertising campaign attribution optimization across traditional television, OTT and digital video via a partnership with Data Plus Math. “When we work with FreeWheel, we’re really measuring FreeWheel’s inventory,” says John Hoctor, Co-Founder & CEO of Data Plus Math.

What Data Plus Math brings to Comcast’s FreeWheel is “a fast, automated and low-cost attribution provider,” Hoctor adds in this Beet.TV interview at the recent FreeWheel NOWFRONT event in Manhattan.

Data Plus Math helps ad buyers and sellers tie ad exposures to business outcomes by matching anonymized viewing data with external data. By connecting the two, advertisers can look across platforms, networks, programs, creative iterations, audiences to determine “how much credit they should get in driving those business outcomes.”

Business outcomes, or KPI’s, typical consist of offline and online commercial traffic and website visits.

“We help them understand at a macro level, is this media working. But then more granular, what parts of it are working hardest? Where should I be investing more money in order to generate these outcomes?” says Hoctor.

According to a FreeWheel news release, Data Plus Math can deliver attribution measurement within days to weeks from the start of a campaign depending on its scope and then provide continuous updates through the remainder of the campaign schedule.

Hoctor attributes the rise of attribution in no small way to “some of the digital giants” that are helping drive advertiser demand. “Television is a huge part of their budget, and wouldn’t it be great to understand what parts of TV are working harder?”

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