A continuing theme on the demand side is the desire to know how digital media and television can best work together. It boils down to “a need for more consistency and better fluency between the different measured media,” says Nielsen’s Jessica Hogue.

It’s commonly expressed as how does digital media complement or overlap reach, Hogue, who is SVP of Digital Client Solutions, says in this Beet.TV interview at the FreeWheel NOWFRONT event in Manhattan this week.

“Having brought more measurement and more metrics to market, we’re helping media sellers to package that data in new ways that follow the consumer,” says Hogue. “That helps media sellers to put together that audience in a way that is consistent and comparable across those experiences. And on the buy side it helps them have a consistent set of measures that walk across.”

One of Nielsen’s more recent contributions to the cause was adding YouTube to its Total Ad Ratings, which was announced in January. It enables advertisers to determine whether their ads are reaching people on TV and mobile devices, as MediaPost reports.

“That’s a huge deal because of the size and scope of YouTube,” Hogue adds. “And being able to have that covered in our measurement component was important for advertisers, again to be able to see the full impact of their digital exposure.”

Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings and Total Ad Ratings are hardly new, but “we’re continuing to see the demand for them and for more uses in terms of showing where digital is incremental or complementary to traditional television.”

Metrics like reach and frequency and duration are fundamental “to pretty much any other business decision that you’re going to make,” says Hogue. Among other things, they help to inform the “next level of decision making,” for example when and how to move into addressable TV.

She cites CFlight as a means of packaging data in a way that “helps NBCU be able to go to market in a different way that sort of releases us from the constraints of a C3, C7 model and allows us to bring more data into that equation.”

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