Twitter Puts Shopping In The Stream: Personette

If ecommerce is the new big wave, Twitter wants to be the river that feeds the torrent. Last month, the social network announced an integration with ecommerce platform Shopify that helps merchants surface their products in Twitter. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sarah Personette, Chief Customer Officer, Twitter, explains why. Twitter’s insight “We’ve spent […]


Twitter’s Sarah Personette Sees Bright Future for Livestream Shopping, a Chat with Dentsu’s Doug Rozen

Livestreamed shopping videos that let viewers buy products in real time are becoming more popular as the ecommerce marketplace continues to evolve. Social media companies including Twitter are developing more tools to help merchants create a shopping livestream to convert viewers into paying customers. “Looking at the market overall, commerce on mobile is actually expected […]


Future Belongs to Video, Live Shopping and Personalization: Twitter’s Sarah Personette Chats with Dentsu’s Doug Rozen

Marketers will increase their spending on social media advertising by more than 21% this year, Dentsu forecast this week. The agency said ecommerce will be an important driver of this growth as brands seek sales conversions directly within social media apps. Twitter is among the social media platforms that seek to prolong consumer engagement with […]


The Funnel Is Collapsing: Twitter’s Personette

LAS VEGAS — The uber model for marketing strategy has been that of a funnel, through which a mass audience’s interest gets ignited by awareness-raising branding ads, eventually leading down to performance outcomes like sales. But new digital platforms are collapsing the marketing funnel as we witness the emergence of ad units which tick both […]


Refinery29 Will Launch OTT Offering To Distribute ‘Powerful Female Stories’

Armed with biometric research showing how brands can best align themselves with cultural happenings, Refinery29 will launch an over-the-top service called Channel29 later this year. “It will be both a combination of live programming and also pull from our library of incredible content as well as producing new content,” Refinery29 COO Sarah Personette says in […]


This Is The Golden Age Of Content: UM’s Personette

LOS ANGELES — “Best-in-class content is alive and well” as new distributors and marketers alike take the opportunity to reach consumers, says an ad agency exec. “We’ve seen an explosion of the golden age of content,” UM WW’s north America president Sarah Personette, who was Facebook’s own agency relations director until 2013, tells Beet.TV. “Consumers want and […]