ORLANDO—Johnson & Johnson believes its marketers need to be better scientists, storytellers, strategists and socializers, according to Head of Marketing Excellence Denis Sison.

“Talent is critical to the journey of transformation for marketing these days. As we all know, many of our organizations have been disrupted and are all undergoing transformation to drive growth,” Sison says in this interview with Beet.TV at the recent Masters of Marketing conference of the Association of National Advertisers.

“We talk about how we build brands in this new world, we talk about marketing technology, data and analytics. But we often forget about the importance of people and talent as a critical component to driving successful growth and change within the industry itself.”

Within J&J, the marketer has decided that “All of our marketers need to be better scientists,” along with better strategists to sort out data that can drive business success and better storytellers “to make sure that we’re able to tell a consistent brand story across screens.”

The final “s” is for socializers, “because we need to create that relationship that’s much more social with our consumers and our brands,” Sison says.

J&H’s engagement with its consumers reveals that they are expecting “a great deal of value exchanged with our brands these days in terms of not just the education but also a broader set of experiences.”

It goes beyond mere products to services powered by technology, for example apps or the Internet of things.

“We at J&J have begun to recognize this and are building new engagement touch points, if you will, with our consumers to make sure that our brands are relevant in that exchange of value.”

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