Anheuser-Busch Taps Consumer Sentiment, Agility To Grow Beverage Category

ORLANDO—Speed and innovation have become the main ingredients for success in the beverage industry, including such staples as beer. But it all starts with listening to consumers first. “I like to think about the CMO as actually the chief consumer officer. So I guess marketing people should always be the people with the best knowledge […]


J&J’s Sison: Marketers Need More Science, Strategy, Storytelling And Socializing

ORLANDO—Johnson & Johnson believes its marketers need to be better scientists, storytellers, strategists and socializers, according to Head of Marketing Excellence Denis Sison. “Talent is critical to the journey of transformation for marketing these days. As we all know, many of our organizations have been disrupted and are all undergoing transformation to drive growth,” Sison […]


Burger King’s Machado Outlines Three Principles That Underpin 17,000+ Restaurants

ORLANDO—Burger King has more than 17,000 restaurants around the world. “So imagine each of them is kind of like a small company” guided by three principles: getting the basics right, ensuring guest friendliness and using technology to help people engage with the brand, says Global CMO Fernando Machado. “We put a lot of effort on […]


At Sam’s Club, It’s More Than Marketing For Chief Customer Officer Rogers

ORLANDO—Given the huge increase in customer-retailer interaction sparked in large part by technology, it’s not enough to be Chief Marketing Officer at Sam’s Club. “Marketing’s just a piece of it,” says the company’s Chief Member Officer, Tony Rogers. “The nature of the relationship between consumers and retailers has changed so dramatically over the years.” Whereas […]


Nurture Marketing Talent ‘Every Step Of Their Career’: AmEx’s Elizabeth Rutledge

ORLANDO—For marketers looking to take back control amid a tsunami of change, it all starts with attracting the right talent. “Talent is the most important asset that we all have, including American Express. And it’s precious,” says Elizabeth Rutledge, CMO of the financial services provider. “You need to nurture it and you need to sort […]


Target’s Mantra: Be Big, Keep Growing, Come Across As Small

ORLANDO—With 1,800 stores, Target’s biggest challenges don’t include size. “We’re big. We have scale,” says CMO Rick Gomez. The trick is to seem small as the chain expands and tries to provide a singularly unique shopper experience on the ground and online. It’s a situation that many retailers would love to find themselves in, Gomez […]


CMOs Share Their Priorities For Lions Council: Cannes’ Cook

ORLANDO — Put 200 of the world’s leading senior marketing decision makers in a room and what do you get? An agenda for the future of the craft. At a gathering in Orlando, Cannes Lions and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) convened more than 200 chief marketing officers to inform how a new CMO […]


Sustainability Runs Deep: General Mills’ Hiranga

ORLANDO — These days, there isn’t a big brand that doesn’t profess “sustainability” to be a key goal. But is a passion for good things any more than a marketing stunt? To Brad Hiranaga, sustainability is anything but. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the chief brand officer of breakfast cereal maker General Mills says aiming for […]


Shell’s Brand Chief Seeks A Marketing Playbook In Cannes’ CMO Council

ORLANDO — If only there were an instruction manual for everything. Like many marketers, Rahul Malhotra wishes there were one for brands. He is the head of brand strategy and stewardship at Shell, one of the largest oil companies – in fact, one of the largest companies of any sort – in the world. In this video […]


Why Less Can Matter More When Brands Seek Consumer Engagement: IBM’s Hammer

ORLANDO—For brands trying to engage with consumers, “making less matter more” is a much better business strategy than simply creating tons of content and not being channel-specific in the process, says IBM Chief Content Officer George Hammer. “I don’t think we should try to mimic business models that aren’t necessarily thriving,” Hammer adds in this […]


Marketing Has A Marketing Problem: Deloitte’s Hatch

ORLANDO — If any industry should know how to shake off an image problem, it should be the marketing industry. After all, isn’t that its core competency? But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Deloitte Digital’s chief marketing officer Alicia Hatch says marketers are suffering at the hands of technology, and need to reboot their perception. […]


Mastercard’s Rajamannar On Executive Gender & The Benefits Of Diversity

ORLANDO — For corporate America, “diversity and inclusion” rose up the imperative ranks in 2018 like probably no year previously. But those qualities are not just nice-to-haves or boxes to tick – they also lead to natural uplift in business effectiveness. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mastercard chief marketing and communications officer Raja Rajamannar […]