FreeWheel announced that it will expand its measurement capabilities to over-the-top and set-top box video on-demand inventory, after a partnership with Nielsen.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, FreeWheel general manager David Clark says the deal will help ad buyers get better incremental reach, including to light TV viewers.

The partnership will expand measurement to over-the-top inventory and addressable
set-top box video on demand.

“We know marketers looking for scale, we know they’re looking for quality,” Clark says. “But it’s been really hard for them to get at the inventory because it’s just not measured in the right way – particularly when we talk about OTT, and set top box.

“Our agreement with Nielsen solves that problem by providing unified measurement capability across those two polls of inventory.

“Nielsen’s the right partner for us at FreeWheel because it’s all going to be linked back to television to sell. So now marketers can look at that entire pool of inventory with one currency across it seamlessly.”

The announcement comes as FreeWheel, at Cannes Lions International Festival of Media, readies to begin pushing itself as a TV ad partner of the kind which ad buyers already enjoy in digital.

“We have seen that the platforms – the Facebooks, the Googles, the Amazons – have their power as a platform has resonated with marketers,” Clark adds.

“There’s an opportunity through coming together, unifying our technology, sharing our data with each other; we can actually go to marketers and provide them that same kind of platform dynamics that they see in these newer companies.

“The conversation we’re going to have on the beach tomorrow is going to be all about that.”

This video is from a series of videos and sessions produced in partnership with FreeWheel at Cannes 2018 on the future of television.   You can find more videos from this series here