MIAMI – It’s not just the television industry that’s undergoing massive change as linear slowly cedes to other viewing options. Marketers, meanwhile, must embrace new forms of measurement as table stakes in their efforts to keep pace with that change.

For both, the question becomes “How can we enhance the speed of change,” says Matt Spiegel, Managing Partner at MediaLink.

Thus the strategic advisory and business development firm grounds its marketer clients in a basic reality.

“We often say that if you’re going to participate in new things, you’re going to have to start with new measurement models,” Spiegel says in this interview at the recent Beet Retreat Miami 2017. “What a lot of marketers are going through is what often is called the precision marketing journey.”

That voyage begins with accepting that measuring reach and frequency and exposure “is not going to be the sufficient metrics of the future in order to try new advanced things,” Spiegel says.

The new media world values a much more complex list of things. “That transition is semi easy to say and very hard to do.”

Choices must be made on the TV side as well. A major challenge common to traditional broadcasters is that their revenue streams “are much more finite and refined” than newer players like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Netflix.

“They benefit from seeing the creation of content and monetization, i.e. the ad business, the media business, being a secondary or tertiary revenue stream to their core business,” Spiegel says. “That has a huge implication for how you think about the economics of funding content development and the decisions you’re able to make in that business.”

The question for big, traditional broadcasters: what is the role they think they can play? Do they use other companies’ technologies, go direct to consumer, try to handle their monetization options?

“I think there’s a future where not everyone that’s premium, high-end content creators will be in the ad sales or ad monetization business,” Spiegel adds. “They’re likely to choose other partners to help with that potential piece of the pie. That’s years out there. But I think those are the plates that have to shift.”

This video was produced at the Beet Retreat Miami, 2017 presented by Videology along with Alphonso and 605. For more videos from the event, please visit this page.