LAS VEGAS – The vast changes in media, technology and data have dramatically transformed  the advertising industry. Indeed the changes have transformed the very nature of the world’s largest media and advertising company WPP, says its founder and CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, in this interview with Beet.TV

He sees CES as sort of metaphor for WPP:  a place where content, data and technology are integrated. If he were to form a new WPP, that is how it would look.

As part of the transformation, WPP has invested in content companies Fullscreen and Vice; data and analytics concerns comScore and Rentrak and many others, he explains.  (The comScore investment is to close this month.)

Through this vast transformation from the “Mad Men” days, the importance of media has ascended.   He says “the medium has become more important than the message.”

We spoke with him yesterday at CES.  Our coverage of CES is presented by Adobe.