In the last couple of years, private ad trading marketplaces have given ad sellers the efficiencies offered by programmatic trading technology, but by ringfencing premium inventory off from open-market fodder.

Now ad tech platform vendor OpenX is launching its take on the concept to offer a best-of-both approach of its own.

Its “real-time guaranteed” technology (RTG) mixes open and private marketplaces and “combines the efficiency and precise targeting of real-time bidding with the guaranteed business terms that are typical for direct-sold media”, says OpenX GM Paul Sternhell in this interview with Beet.TV.

Unlike private auctions, RTG allows publishers to sell ads with guaranteed volume commitments, but using real-time bidding (RTB) technology for greater efficiency.

“We’re able to create line items in a publisher’s ad server that reserve inventory subject to the campaigns and deal they’ve struck with their buyers,” Sternhell adds. “Those sit alongside their traditional, direct-sold orders. It can peacefully co-exist with a more traditional sales model.”

The service is launching as a “minimal viable product” (MVP), with revisions due later. RTG will be used by Magna Global, Interpublic and The Trade Desk, among named partners.

Here is the company press release.

This video is part of series about the state of programmatic advertising sponsored by OpenX.