LONDON — European satellite operator, channel owner and telco Sky has been pioneering the cross-over of digital media and TV ad sales these last couple of years, notably launching Sky AdSmart, its addressable TV offering, allowing advertisers to target individual households.

Then, in October, the company bowed AdVance, a suite knitting together data from across its many screens to better target consumers. So what is AdVance all about?

“If AdSmart is all about taking the very best and only the very best of digital targeting and bringing it to TV, what Sky AdVance does is take how really unique TV consumption understanding and brings it into digital,” according to Sky Media’s deputy MD Jamie West.

“Knowing which sites subscribers are browsing and which channels they are watching lets Sky Media serve ads back through internet or TV, respectively, that learn from consumers’ holistic behavior.

“We enable our three million-home viewing panel,” West says. “When you think about all those multiple touch-points that we have with our customers … you have a really rich understanding of customer journeys across those multiple platforms. That will enable us both to serve ads both on the Sky platform or via our DSP partners.

“Once you’ve seen the ad four times on TV, we can now frequency cap … Or we can use that platform to tell … different stories … in the app environment, the mobile environment, or the browser environment.”


This video was produced at the Future Of TV Advertising Forum. Beet.TV’s coverage is sponsored by Xaxis. You can find more Beet videos from the conference on this page