CANNES — One consequence of the rise of data-driven marketing is brands creating tens of even hundreds of ads for various audience segments for a single campaign, not just two or three like in the old days.

It’s “great from a sales perspective and not so great from a marketing cost perspective,” says Richard Guest, president of Tribal North America, in an interview with Beet.TV. He observes that brands are going to need to adopt more cost-effective models to meet their content demands, pulling in consumer-generated content, media-produced content and content from other non-traditional sources, in addition to tapping their agencies.

In Guest’s view, it’s going to “take a village” to produce branded content at scale in the new media landscape.

“The content requirements that are being placed on brands are simply escalating at such a pace that no brand can afford to produce every single piece of content they want to with a single agency,” he says.

We interviewed Guest at the Cannes Lions Festival as part of a series on targeted TV advertising presented by AT&T Adworks. Please visit this page for more videos from the series.