FORT LAUDERDALE — Fresh from RTL buying a majority stake for $144m, programmatic video ad tech outfit SpotXchange says it will shortly be opening up more offices in Europe under the group’s stewardship.

“You’ll see some news from us early this year around new office openings specifically in the European region,” SpotXchange platform SVP Sean Buckley tells Beet.TV.

“(RTL) gets us closer to the TV business, giving us a blueprint on how broadcasters really operate. They’re really prominent in Europe.”

Buckley says the industry must meld both traditional linear ad trading operations and new digital media: “If we don’t figure a way to bring those areas together, you’re going to (see) degradation in currency in terms of viewership on linear video dropping. The industry’s going to be forced to think about video across all screens rather than the siloed approach we’ve seen to date.”

He was interviewed at Beet.TV’s annual executive retreat.

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