SAN FRANCISCO – The next stage in the adoption of  automated ad-trading tools, private marketplaces are helping so-called “programmatic” practices flourish, says an exec in the space.

“If 2013 was the year of real-time bidding and programmatic coming in to reality, 2014 is the year of private marketplaces,” video ad tech vendor BrightRoll‘s marketing SVP Tim Avila tells Beet.TV in this video.

Whilst programmatic techniques were initially associated with long-tail ad inventory traded in open exchanges, private marketplaces ringfence special relationships between ad space sellers and buyers.

“In private marketplaces, we’re seeing premium pubs and advertisers embracing programmatic as a tool to augment the process of buying and selling media,” Avila adds. “We’re seeing programmatic coming in to its own.”

We spoke with Avila for “The Road to DMEXCO,” a series of interviews with industry leaders produced in New York, London and San Francisco, sponsored by the automatic content recognition (ACR) technology provider Civolution.

Please find more videos from the series here.  Beet.TV is a media sponsor of DMEXCO and will be covering the conference extensively.