In an effort to measure audiences effectively across screens, YuMe paired up with Nielsen to release a “reach calculator” to track ad reach across screens, says Ronjan Sikdar, Director of Ad Networks & Platforms, Media Analytics for Nielsen in an interview with Beet.TV. The reach calculator was developed based on YuMe’s research with Nielsen and is designed to track unduplicated brand reach across TV, online, mobile, tablets and connected TVs.

The tool is build on top of a few Nielsen data sets, Sikdar explains. “We have used some of our proprietary Nielsen tools and some prior research with YuMe to understand the boundaries and what makes sense,” he says. While the two companies have worked together previously to measure the impact of TV and online video advertising, this is the first pair-up that stretches across other devices this widely, he says. In their joint research, they found that the average home in the US has 4.4 devices, that mobile screens are nearly as popular as computers and that 87% of consumers use devices while the TV is on.

“You can find new people with digital video just by finding them on different devices,” Sikdar says.



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