BARCELONA — Freemium has become the super-dominant app store monetization method, with some 94% of App Store revenue coming from free downloads supporting in-app purchases, according to Distimo’s 2013 Year-End Review.

But that doesn’t mean app developers can guarantee success just be deploying in-app goods, says former Guardian News & Media strategy head James Cooper.

“It doesn’t matter what your uptake of in-app payments is if you don’t have any users,” says Cooper, now running his Soko Media, a mobile app advisory group. “Until you have a large base of engaged users … it’s not going to move the needle.

Cooper says app game developers Supercell and King have succeeded not just because they sell in-app purchases but because they have “created magic” that brings users to the point of purchase.

Beet.TV interviewed Cooper at the big Mobile World Congress convention.