LAS VEGAS — If you want to know how best to advertising to consumers across mobile devices, look to the numbers, says one exec.

“Some of the best mobile advertising we’re seeing to date are from brands who understand the importance of data,” mobile ad tech firm Millennial Media‘s global strategy VP Carrier Seifer tells Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show.

New York-headquartered Millennial aims to help marketers reach consumers on mobile screens, and last fall acquired Jumptap.

Seifer says two pieces of information rank above others when it comes to planning the best mobile ad campaign:

  1. “The user session is much shorter than any other media,” she says. “Average user session on a mobile device is five minutes or less. The ad you put in front of them needs to understand that.”
  2. “Understanding what device they have. How people are consuming video on a tablet versus a high-end smartphone versus a low-end smartphone versus a feature phone is very, very important.”

Seifer’s takeaway: “Look at the data at your fingertips and make the right choice about which message you’re going to give them.”