LONDON — Bigger isn’t necessarily better. In fact, when it comes to video advertising, smaller screens perform better than big, says YuMe UK Country  Manager Paul Lyonette.

Having commissioned research via Decipher and IPG Labs, Lyonette tells Beet.TV: “The size of a screen doesn’t necessarily correlate to the effectiveness of the advertising. People will spend as much time with good content on a 3.5-inch screen as they will on a 42-inch screen sat at home.

“Tablet and smartphone delivered 79% more effective perception shift than traditional television advertising. For smartphone on its own, the effectiveness of change of perception was 96%.

“The whole premise that ‘the smaller the screen, the less impactful the advertising’ has been flipped on its head.”

These claims will surprise many who believe TV advertising, continuing to attract growing spend, is still a highly effective medium. But Lyonette says: “If you want to change perception of your brand, you should be looking at mobile advertising.”

This interview was part of Beet.TV’s “London Sessions” presented by YuMe, produced at the Starcom MediaVest offices in association  with VivaKi.