Adobe’s Flash Honcho Chris Hock: “Live Flash is Taking Off for Us”

Click To Play Live, quality online video is "taking off" and will become widespread in the months ahead, according to Adobe, the maker of Flash. I visited with Chris Hock, who heads the Adobe the Flash media group, which is based in San Francisco. Chris expects that live will pervade the Web from events, to […]


IBM Chief Strategist Says Virtual World is “Reality” and Video is Key Element

Click To Play Irving Wladawsky-Berger has just retired as IBM’s chief strategist.  He is now a visiting professor at MIT.  I caught up with him last week at the AlwaysOn conference at Stanford were he was on a panel about virtual worlds.  Here’s a free webcast of the session. He is believes the virtual world […]


Associated Content Provides Monetization for Independent Video Producers…..and $10 Million Venture Round Will Allow the Company to Scale

Click To Play Associated Content, a company that has set up a network for independent content producers to submit and monetize their work, will expand the opportunities for video makers.  Started in 2005 by Luke Beatty, Associated Content has been funded by some of the most highly regarded investors in the digital media space, including […]


The NewsMarket Unlocks Vast Video Assets to Video Bloggers with “Video Cafe”

Click To Play The NewsMarket is a quickly-growing video portal where news broadcasters and Web producers download video files provided by a range of corporations, governmental organizations and non-profits.  These organizations pay the NewsMarket to host and distribute company-created content. Downloads had been limited to "credentialed" media organizations.  Now the company is providing video to […]


Wall Street Journal’s Kara Swisher Calls for Free, Ungated Paper Access: “Free to be Rupe and We”

Kara Swisher, who has been writing about technology for the Wall Street Journal for 10 years, weighed in today in favor of eliminating the subscription charges for the Journal.  There has been quite a lot of speculation that Rupert Murdoch will convert the Journal to free, ad-supported.  We shall see. Swisher is Cool Video Blogger […]


Breaking: History-Making Day in Streaming Video: Microsoft’s Silveright Launches on

There’s been a lot of anticipation about the launch of Silverlight, the new streaming video platform.  Today, the first implementation went live, on the Here’s my post about Silverlight and a demo from Microsoft’s Sean Alexander.  This was originally published in May. Here’s some perspective from Ryan Stewart, blogger at ZDNet who thinks the […]


BBC’s New iPlayer has 120,000 Downloads in One Week….London Discovers Mountainview as British Broadcasters Sail on Kontiki Platform

Click To Play There’s been a great deal of anticipation about the launch of the BBC iPlayer, a desktop application that allows registered users in the U.K. to download and view a range of programming in high quality. Mark Thompson, director general of the BBC, hailed the player as a development as significant as the […]


Bulletin from the Googleplex: Google to Search “All the World’s Videos”

Click To Play The scope of videos found by searching Google Video has expanded in recent months from just clips on  Google Videos to include YouTube. Since May, when the company announced the future of universal search, clips from Metacafe and have shown up on Google Video searches.   (Industry sources, outside of Google, tell  […]


Exclusive: Amazon “Delivers” Justin.TV

Click To Play We have been facinated by Justin.TV and Justin Kan.  His wearing a live webcam on his baseball cap is much more than a publicity stunt, it’s a demonstration of the viability of live video origination and broad distribution via embed code.  Beet.TV has learned from a source at Amazon, that the streaming […]


Who is the Sexiest Tech Online Video Pesonality: Morgan Webb, Dan Farber, Om Malik or Robert Scoble?

There is quite a lot of activity in the online video tech news, with many innovators descended from the old TechTV finding themselves in numerous new shows as Om Malik reports.  The latest launch is called WebbAlert with Morgan Webb (l).  Morgan is a real pro and her good looks are getting some attention and […]


Who is the Sexiest Tech Video News Personality: Monica Webb or Dan Farber or Robert Scoble?

or or As online video news programming heats up with the latest entry today by Monica Webb (above) and her WebbAlert, we wonder how sex appeal fits into all of this: success, impact, buzz, money? For power blogger Michael Arrington, lust appears to looms large according today an analysis of his libido in Valleywag. I […]


Oh Wow: Online Video Have a “Second Life” on Second Life, Philip Rosedale Tells Beet.TV

Click To Play I was on the Stanford campus yesterday at the AlwaysOn conference where I met Philip Rosedale, founder and CEO of Linden Lab, the creator of Second Life, the vast virtual world. Philip told me that Second Life provides functionalities to post video to virtual movie screens and television sets.  He said there […]


CondeNet Doubles Video Clip Production and Introduces New Travel Content

CondeNet, the online division of the magazine company Conde Nast, is making a big push in creating video on its several themed portals.  It has doubled the amount of video clips produces this year over last, and the pace is going to pick-up with an ambitious program to build out travel videos of world destinations […]


Maven Playing in the Majors with Big MLB Hire

Click To Play We’ve been impressed with Maven Networks, the Boston-based company that provides video publishing and content management platform for larger content video producers including Hearst Magazines, TV Guide and 20th Century Fox.  Today, it inked a deal with a big Canadian producer of broadband content. Maven is providing a two part solution: one […]

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