Kate caught up with Ari Paparo who heads up DoubleClick‘s rich media division.  The term "rich media," which had previously referred to mainly Flash and other animated ads viewed online, is quickly expanding to encompass the world of online video. Ari has a lot to share with us about all this.

Flash is king.  He says that the online video ad biz is moving "wholesale" to Flash, a platform that is reliable and user friendly.  Real and Media Player are not going to win this game; Flash will be the predominant platform to host advertising, expects.

Ari also fills us in on "in-stream" video, contextual advertising and the metrics that come into play with online video advertising.

Ari is a speaker at Streaming Media West, which Beet.TV will be covering.

Andy Plesser with Kate Lyon

Can You "Digg" This? VC’s Say Yes! – Digg co-founders Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson are making their move into online video content development with a company they’ve started called  Revision3The New York Times reports today that the pair have raised about $1 million from top-shelf VC firm Greylock Partners and Marc Andreesen.  Seems that Diggnation has really taken off — and that’s with quite a modest production budget — these dudes definately don’t spend much on wardrobe :).

"Big Advertisers Chase Small Video Bloggers" – Check this out, ClickZ has a great story — very cool, love the headline — you gotta believe!

VideoEgg Launches Online Video Ad Network….check out the story in GigaOM by Liz Gannes.

NYT’s Blogger Virginia Heffernan has an interesting take on the Clinton interview on Fox and the efforts by Fox to remove "unauthorized" clips from YouTube.

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