Tom Foremski, the former Financial Times reporter turned blogger of Silicon Valley Watcher, stopped by the Vloggercon conference to talk about the online video and vlogging phenomenon. Tom talks about the latest example of the impact that consumer generated media, specifically online video, can have on the news cycle: Robert Scoble’s announcement that he is leaving Microsoft.

The story first broke on Beet.TV and spread rapidly across the blogosphere, reporting his decision to leave Microsoft hours before the traditional media (We are delighted that Reuters credited Beet.TV for our scoop as have others.)

Tom also shares his thoughts on the value of online video, and discusses why video has a role in fields like public relations and journalism.

— Andy Plesser


Dan Farber of ZDNet has a great piece about the Scoble story. He has some pictures of  Scoble, his son, and yours truly!

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