Congratulations to Tony Perkins and the team at AlwaysOn for an incredibly successful three day technology summit on the Stanford campus. 

The energy, ideas, and networking were palpable. The place was packed with sharp start-up’s, hungry VC’s, industry analysts, journalists, bloggers and at least one vlogger!

The sessions were standing-room only, the lobby was packed with young entreprenuers giving elevator pitches —  and parking was impossible!

I had the great fortune to work with Tony Perkins and Red Herring as its public relations firm during the crazy boom times of 1999 and 2000.  My partner, Kent Holland, and I attended all the events, hung out at the coolest parties in San Francisco, New York and London and enjoyed the bubble mania. 

Could this be back to 1999?  Is the bubble back? No, it’s not.  There is excitement but it’s now about real opportunities, not hype as Tony tells Beet.TV

Please check back over the next few days for other interviews from AlwaysOn, including chats with Charlene Li of Forrester, author Shel Israel, Robert Scoble super-blogger Steve Rubel and Technorati’s Peter Hirshberg.

Such a great conference.  Thanks a million Tony!


— Andy Plesser

Here’s Tony Perkins with Valley new comer Robert Scoble

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