Outbrain CEO: Good Content Titling Makes For Effective Sharing

Good titling will make for effective sharing via social media says the content recommendation firm, Outbrain's CEO, David Sasson, in this interview with Beet.TV


Yahoo’s Old Fashion Take on Value of Journalism: Scoops Drive a Media Business

LOS ANGELES –Hiring a small group of enterprising sports reporters four years ago, who grabbed headlines with scoops, was a clear indication of the value of original journalism in driving traffic and attracting advertising dollars.


Microsoft’s Trailblazing Corporate Videoblog has 4.5 Million Monthly Visitors

REDMOND, WA — Companies seeking to harness the power of videoblogging need to look at Channel 9, the pioneering site launched back in 2003. 


Stanford’s Lawrence Lessig: We are in “dangerous cycle now” with misinformation in the blogosphere

NEW YORK — Earlier today at the Personal Democracy Forum, we spoke with Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig.  Lessig is spending a great deal of time on congressional reform movement called Change Congress, an organization he co-founded with Joe Trippi. Handling the interview was our colleague Caroline McCarthy of CNET News.com who filed a story […]


Steve Rubel on Technorati Rankings: Bloggers, Don’t Let it Get You Down, Just Stay Focused on Quality

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Beet.TV was launched in April.  Its Technorati Influence Rank is somewhere above 9,000 this morning, out of 55 million blogs.  In the Technorati game, rankings are based largely on incoming links.  If other bloggers think you are important and link to a post or the blog, […]


Vlog Evangelist Anil Dash Preaches Mixed Media

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview This is the last installment of my interview with Anil Dash, Evangelist and marketing guru at Six Apart, the largest blog software company.  (Beet.TV is published on Six Apart’s TypePad platform.) Anil is an "agnostic" evangelist when it comes to video blogging.  He likes the idea […]


Believe in Beets: Borcht is Hangover Cure, CNET’s Chow Editor Reveals — More Holiday Food Tips from Video-Centric Food Site

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Earlier this month, I caught up with CNET’s Chow food editor Aida Mollenkamp in Manhattan’s Union Square Park.  She was in town with her boss Jane Goldman to tell us about plans to publish user-generated videos of recipes and restaurant reviews on the site in the […]


“Think Jose” Castillo on Online Video Trends with All-Star Panel…. Beet.TV Posts Video on New CNET Webshots Platform

I was very pleased to meet up with Jose Castillo, who pens "Think Jose". He is a highly regarded Internet video consultant and futurist. At Streaming Media West, Jose moderated a terrific panel on consumer generated content.  This video is live and worth the time. Here is a photo of Jose and his panelists. In […]


Little Guba Playing with the Big Boys in Film Downloading — Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos Better Take Notice…….

Click To Play I am astonished how small companies like YouTube, Revver, Brightcove, Blinkx and Guba are coming out of the shadows and leading the way in on the online video revolution. Guba has been working on a technology for eight years around an arcane technology involving a Usenet search service that lets users find […]


RSS Made Podcasts Huge — Videoblogs are Next, NewsGator CEO J.B. Hoston Explains

Click To Play RSS has driven the growth of the blogs by allowing consumers to aggregate feeds fo their favorite content sources to one simple page.  NewsGator has one of the best — and I am pleased to say it’s quite popular with Beet.TV watchers.  We met with NewsGator CEO J.B. Holston at the Beet.TV […]


Beet.TV Gets Its Juice As it Breaks 10,000 on Technorati Ranking (That’s Not *Borscht!!!)

Amazing but true: in under three months, Beet.TV has found a voice and a following. The video blog is moving quickly up the Technorati rankings. Today, we broke the 10,000-ranking in influence. Last week, we were highlighted by the Official Google Video Blog. On July 10, the vlog was profiled by TypePad. As you know, […]


PaidContent Going Global Declares Founder

Click To Play PaidContent’s founder, Rafat Ali, has just been funded and he is thinking BIG and global. He told me this morning that all media is going digital and "our site (PaidContent) will be the hub of everything there."  The company is about to expand agressively in the U.K. and Rafat expects to expand […]