RSS has driven the growth of the blogs by allowing consumers to aggregate feeds fo their favorite content sources to one simple page.  NewsGator has one of the best — and I am pleased to say it’s quite popular with Beet.TV watchers. 

We met with NewsGator CEO J.B. Holston at the Beet.TV studios the other day. He explains the basic workings of RSS. 

J. B. tells us just as RSS fueled the podcast phenomenon, he says that RSS will be essential to the growth of online video.  RSS is absolutely essential.  As Robert Scoble says if you don’t employ RSS on your blog, it’s "dead". 

This is the first of two interviews with J.B.

— Andy Plesser

"Why Online Video Sites are Hot Targets?" — Great article just published by Business Week.

Adweek weighs in this week also about online video. Good piece that deflates some of the the hype a bit by explaining some ofhte hurdles to consumer accpatance, which is key. Check it out.

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