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Beet.TV was launched in April.  Its Technorati Influence Rank is somewhere above 9,000 this morning, out of 55 million blogs. 

In the Technorati game, rankings are based largely on incoming links.  If other bloggers think you are important and link to a post or the blog, your ranking rises.  I’m very proud that the Beet has over 1000 links from 325 blogs. 

Interestingly, influence does not necessarily track popularity or the numbers of page views.  According to Alexa, the company that tracks blog traffic, we are ranked somewhere around number 114,000 with about 6,000 page views per week. Sure it’s modest, but influential folks like yourself are visiting Beet.TV — and that is wonderful.

(But, hey, if they were to rank industry-specific video blogs, I bet Beet.TV would be way up there, maybe in the top 10 ten of influence and traffic along with The Scoble Show.  There are so few of us at this point, after all.)

Which brings me to my interview with the hugely influential blogger Steve Rubel, whose MicroPersuasion is number 92 on the Technorati charts. It ranks around number 11,000 in traffic. Steve puts the rankings game in perspective. Don’t be concerned with the rankings, stay focused on publishing relevant content, he tells us.

My interview with Steve begins on the topic of newspapers embracing home-grown bloggers.  He is very enthusiastic about an innovative new program at The Washington Post.

Online Video Lexicon Is, well, Online

There’s a comprehensive list of terms and companies in this emerging online video world.  And, having a little cheat sheet to keep this all straight is a real help.  Thanks to Jackson West of NewTeeVee for the tip-off.

Andy Plesser

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