Amazing but true: in under three months, Beet.TV has found a voice and a following. The video blog is moving quickly up the Technorati rankings. Today, we broke the 10,000-ranking in influence.

Last week, we were highlighted by the Official Google Video Blog. On July 10, the vlog was profiled by TypePad.

As you know, Beet.TV covers the amazing, dynamic world of online video — the companies, the visionaries, the tools and the services that make it possible. We try to make sense of what this all means to society and business.

I have been stunned by the hundreds of links from bloggers who have cited Beet.TV posts, including Robert Scoble’s Scobleizer, Silicon Valley Watcher, ZDNet’s "Between the Lines," Micropersuasion, PaidContent, Gawker, John Battelle’s SearchBlog, The New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan’s “Screens,” Romenesko, the Flack and many others.

And special thanks to Frank Barnako of Dow Jones MarketWatch for his great article on Beet.TV.

Thank you everyone!

— Andy Plesser

Please read more about the history of Beet.TV here.

*Borscht is a soup made from beets. There’s an excellent entry in Wikipedia on borscht, natch. We enjoy cold borscht, beets in salads and love ‘em grilled.

New Slogan is Hatched:  You gotta check out Dan Farber’s "Between the Lines" post today on the emergence of "Publishing 2.0".  Sounds like what Beet.TV is all about.

HDTV for the Masses? Check out this clip.  Here’s a rave review of a new Canon HDTV camera done by David Pogue of The New York Times.