The effective transcription of video clips, coupled with contextual tagging, is essential to the discovery of video, says Tom Wilde, CEO of  the Boston-based RAMP, formerly known as EveryZing.

The company announced its name change today at the Streaming Media West show in San Jose along with the launch of "content optimization" platform for media publishers.

The service is currently implemented with media giants including Thomson Reuters for its Reuters Insider program, a subscription services which features a number of business video programmers including Beet.TV.  RAMP's engine automatically transcribes Beet.TV content and inserts hyperlinks. It does an impressive job.   (See an example below.)

The company does the same for CNBC and FOX.  It is now seeking to expand its offering to many more publishers along with marketers who are seeking to have their content discovered more broadly.

The company is also selling its hosted software solution with partners including thePlatform, Brightcove, and YuMe. The service and targeted for bigger enterprise users and is not inexpensive.

RAMP has been spun out of BBN Technologies, the Boston-based defense-technology firm which was sold in October to Raytheon.  RAMP has raised funds from venture firms. This past May, it raised $8.25 million  from the NBC Universal venture fund.

I spoke with Tom at the Beet.TV offices a few days ago.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer