The Rise of The Video Bloggers: Kaltura Comes to WordPress

Now anyone can turn their blog into an video blog, thanks to the release today of Kaltura’s  Interactive Video Plugin 1.0. Kaltura’s video commenting and collaborative editing features, which will be coming to Wikipedia later this year, now can be easily integrated into WordPress. When asked if the availability of this feature could lead to […]


Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron: Sony Deal will Double Production Output

Andrew Baron, founder of the pioneering webisode Rocketboom came by the Beet.TV studios earlier today for a debrief about the just announced syndication deal with Sony and its implications for his company.


Video Bloggers are in “Style”– The New York Times

Wow, great to read that our fellow video bloggers are gaining some attention as trend setters.  The  New York Times Style section’s front-page story, by Alan Salkin, features a feature about a big bash organized by IgniteNYC.   


Kara Speaks: I’m the “annoying girl who seems to know everbody….”

It was great to meet up in with Kara Swisher, co-executive editor of All Things D, the Dow Jones-owned website/conference business she heads up with Walt Mossberg.  We chatted in Manhattan’s Madison Park a few days ago.


Tiny Collaborates with Digitas for The Smart Show, the scrappy New York start-up known as a video publishing platform for episodic Web video, is a partner to global digital ad agency Digitas in the creation of Holiday Inn Express’ web series The Smart Show.  To get an overview on and the collaboration with Digtas, I spoke with Blip’s Director of Advertising […]


David Carr: From Crack Cocaine Addict to Media Critic and Web Video “Star” For The New York Times

I read today’s New York Times Magazine cover story by, and about, David Carr, media columnist for the New York Times.  In addition to writing his media columns, he is the video blogger of The Carpetbagger, an annual series of blog posts and video segments leading up to the Oscars.


How to Make Money With Vlogs? Blip.TV’s Mike Hudack Illuminates

A topic on everyone’s mind at the Vloggercon conference has been business models – is there a way to make money off of this hobby/tool/fad? The folks at Rocketboom were certainly asked about their model during their turn on the stage – apparently some of their ads go for upwards of $85,000 dollars a week! […]


Robert Scoble Marvels at Video Gear at Vlog Fest

One of the coolest things about Vloggercon is all the digital and video cameras.  Imagine 400 vloggers with everything from tiny digital cameras to professional camcorders. What a scene. Scoble is very proud of his Sony HD. (Beet.TV uses the Panasonic DVC 30) In his comments, he really frames the power and value of video […]


“We’re All Pioneers” Declares Vloggeron’s Peter Van Dijck

I caught up with vlogger’s most enthusiastic booster Peter Van Dijck, a founder of Vloggercon.  Peter is astonished by all the developments in video blogging over the last two years. He says it’s a very exciting time and we’re all pioneers.  Thanks to Peter and to everyone who has organized a fantastic conference. More updates […]


Microsoft’s Super-Star Vlogger Robert “Scobleizer” Ponders the Vlog World at Vloggercon Confab in San Francisco

Robert Scoble has defined the role of blogging in the corporation. The long-time blogger for Microsoft is a trailblazer with his blog. What some of us didn’t realize is that he is an early adopter of the video blog idea. He’s been creating video for his blog since the beginning. His title is "Technical Evangelist" […]


New York Times Media Critic David Carr Loves to Vlog!

Click To Play David Carr, media columnist for The New York Times has been one of the most astute chroniclers of media transformation for quite a while. We have enjoyed reading his view on things since the good old days of in the late ’90’s.  David is a Renaissance man; not only does he […]


NY Times Media Critic David Carr Gets Kudos from Web Boss

Click To Play I was invited to bring our camera up to the newsroom of the New York Times Digital to meet veteran Times man Len Apcar, editor in chief of the The Times is creating a lot of interesting video these days — including some which might be considered "off brand" — but […]


Salon’s “Video Dog” vlog Filters Stampede of Online Video

Click To Play has been a pioneering online publisher for 10 years, which some might think makes it old enough to call it old media. I don’t think so, and its new vlog, Video Dog, is showing how established publishing companies can take advantage of community generated video. I caught up with Salon’s Kerry […]


Believe it: The Video Revolution is Here

Welcome to Beet.TV In April, The Economist coined it the "The Clip Culture" — the extraordinary explosion of online video and astounding numbers of community created video clips being uploaded to the Web.  Not only are "citizens" uploading video and sharing it through social networks, smart publishers are embracing video in creative ways to benefit […]


The People Scoop the Mainstream Media on the Stephen Colbert White House Press Corps Dinner, says Kerry Lauerman of

Click To Play Long an innovator in online publishing, is becoming increasingly multimedia these days with its very new cool Video Dog vlog. We caught up with Salon’s Kerry “Top Dog” Lauerman, co-editor of the vlog, in his bustling office at the New York bureau. He tells The Beet that Salon’s posting of Stephen […]


Technorati’s Peter Hirshberg on the emerging forms of video expression on the Web

Click To Play Peter Hirshberg, Exec VP at Technorati, is back with The Beet to share that video blogging is becoming more and more sophisticated by the minute. Video bloggers are editing their content, incorporating cut-aways into their videos, and using vlogs as a platform for shorts and humorous video creation. But video blogs won’t […]


John Seely Brown, Senior Fellow, Annenberg School

Click To Play John Seely Brown, former Chief Scientist at Xerox and director of its Palo Alto PARC center, explains how successful video blogging will take shape. It won’t be bloggers speaking into a camera, but will contain compelling content, vignettes and information that takes advantage of the form. Brown is currently a senior fellow […]

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