Andrew Baron, founder of the pioneering webisode Rocketboom came by the Beet.TV studios earlier today for a debrief about the just announced syndication deal with Sony and its implications for his company.

Andrew told me that the guaranteed revenue from syndication will
provide the resources to increase production by as much as double.  He
doesn’t plan new shows, only an expansion of Rocketboom which has five
episodes a week.

He said the distribution deal will get Rockeboom viewers on a number of media platforms including the Playstation, mobile devices and on television.

Moreover, for Andrew and his crew, the deal with Sony establishes the
viability of the business of Rocketboom and provides value for
potential investors.  No question, he is now in a stronger position to raise money.

In this clip, he speaks about the challenges in making a profitable Web
video business.  He says that starting the show when he did, he was

Ever the optimist,  he says that the fledgling business of Web video
will become real businesses in 12 month. Amen!

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer