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In April, The Economist coined it the "The Clip Culture" — the extraordinary explosion of online video and astounding numbers of community created video clips being uploaded to the Web.  Not only are "citizens" uploading video and sharing it through social networks, smart publishers are embracing video in creative ways to benefit businesses and consumers alike.    

At Beet.TV, we are using a cool new video blog platform to make all our video clips searchable with tagging, in the same way that text blogs are searchable on Technorati.  This aspect of our video blog was explained very well yesterday by my friend and colleague Peter Himler in his must-read PR blog, The Flack.

Tom Foremski of the Silicon Valley Watcher told us recently that blogging and other new publishing technology can make us "all publishers." With inexpensive equipment and fast connections, we can also be TV broadcasters. 

This "democratization" of video production and distribution is revolutionary and it’s all happening at this moment.  I hope this video blog will be a valuable guide to you in understanding what is transpiring and a place to find the latest dialogue in online video.   

Thank you for visiting Beet.TV.  We look forward to receiving your feedback and your video submissions.

Best, Andy Plesser, founder, Plesser Holland, publishers of Beet.TV

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