WPP Readies Private Media Buying Exchanges for Industry Verticals

WPP's Xaxis unit is preparing to launch private exchanges for industry verticals including health care and automotive, says Christina Beaumier VP for Global Development in this on-stage dialogue with Joanna O'Connell, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. 


Beet Retreat: Sorting out Programmatic Versus RTB w/ Forrester, SpotXchange, Videology and Xaxis

VIEQUES, PR – Some of the hottest areas of digital video are exchanges, real-time buying and programmatic buying, but there's some confusion as to the differences. At the Beet.TV executive retreat, Joanna O'Connell, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research digs into those areas with executives from Xaxis, Videology and SpotxChange.


Publishers Racing to Produce More Video; Top Sites Generate $40 to $50 CPMs, TubeMogul’s Wilson

PHOENIX – Demand for digital video among marketers is strong and top publishers are commanding CPMs as high as $40 to $50, says Brett Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of TubeMogul, a real-time media buying platform.


Programmatic Buying is Big at AOL: Its DSP Now Deployed at Most Agency Holding Companies

PHOENIX – AOL has embraced the “programmatic” selling of inventory via an automated exchange scenario and has deployed its own DSP (demand side platform) technology to four of the five top agency holding companies, says Ned Brody, CEO of AOL Networks, in this inteview with Beet.TV


Xaxis’ Becker: Agencies Need Better Cross-Media Systems

Agencies and marketers want a tighter coordination between measurement of video and other forms of media, says Eugene Becker, VP Analytics at Group M-owned Xaxis, in an interview with Ashley Swartz, in this segment from the Beet.TV Big Data Summit.


RTB Poised for Higher CPMs for Video in 2013

Programmatic buying will yield higher CPMs and more brand advertisers in 2013. Those are among the predictions shared by Christina Beaumier, VP Global Client Development at Xaxis, Group M's audience buying unit, in an interview with Beet.TV. 


Broadcasters, Cable Nets to Use Programmatic Buying Via Agency Desks, Scott Ferber

MONACO — Premium video publishers want to participate in the rise of real-time buying, but they’ll likely do so as part of agency trading desks, says Scott Ferber, CEO and chairman of digital video ad platform Videology, during a panel session at the Monaco Media Forum moderated by Beet.TV’s Executive Producer Andy Plesser.


Madison Avenue is Approaching the Tipping Point for Programmatic Buying, Adobe’s Mellor

MONACO — A small amount of ad buys will be brokered over a three-martini lunch, but by and large the ad world is hurtling towards programmatic buying as the norm, says John Mellor, VP of Strategy and Business Development for Digital Marketing at Adobe.


Global Marketers Look to Programmatic Buying for Video Advertising

MONACO — Broadcasters have been reluctant to participate in programmatic buying online, but that may change soon because brands want more audience buying, says Marco Bertozzi, EMEA Executive Managing Director for the VivaKi Nerve Center, during an interview with Beet.TV at the Monaco Media Forum. "In every market we're talking to [broadcasters] about how we can work […]


Nielsen: Measuring Reach, Sales Lift Across Online & TV

NEW YORK — Americans are watching nearly 35 hours of video per week across various screens, and that’s why Nielsen and others are trying to find the best approaches to measuring cross-platform consumption, says Andrew Feigenson, Senior VP Ad Platforms and Networks at Nielsen.


Tech Publisher IDG Embraces RTB with Data Management Platform

NEW YORK — IDG TechNetwork recently launched a data management platform to tap into the audience information it has access to as an online ad network for technology partners, says Sean Buckley, Group Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at IDG TechNetwork.


Real-Time Buying Can Inform Media Planning, Strategy, Mindshare’s Andy Chapman

NEW YORK – Programmatic buying can be used to help inform overall media planning strategies for brands, says Andy Chapman, Leader of Digital Investments at Mindshare. 


More Private Exchanges Likely to Come in RTB, LiveRail says

Private exchanges for publishers may be one of the next big innovations in audience buying, says Brian Kane, Chief Operating Officer at video ad platform LiveRail. 


Group M’s Xaxis Audience Buying Unit on Pace to Expand to 26 Markets

GroupM's audience buying unit Xaxis works with 800 advertisers in 16 markets worldwide and is on pace to hit 26 markets by year end, says Christina Beaumier, VP of Global Client Development.


Commentary: The Shifting Valuations of Television vs. Digital Video

The emphasis on TV-like buying digital video using gross ratings points by several portals, is having a big impact on theway media dollars are being spent, says analyst Ashley Swartz in her regular commentary on Beet.TV


Maxus’ Fineman: Programmatic Buying is Creating Greater Efficiency Around Online Video

Online video is expensive, and programmatic is creating greater efficiencies for advertisers, says David Fineman, Partner, Digital Investment and Technology Director, Maxus, a unit of GroupM Worldwide, in this interview with Beet.TV


Nielsen: “Facebook has Become Our Panel for Measuring the Online Universe”

Last year, Nielsen partnered with Facebook in a program called online campaign ratings. Through this arrangement, Nielsen can now tabulate 30-50 percent of total online exposure to any particular ad campaign, says Andrew Feigenson, SVP for Advertising and Platforms at Nielsen, in this interview with Beet.TV


VivaKi’s Trading Desk Generating Higher CPM’s for Publishers

CHICAGO– Premium buying is highly possible with audience buying online and many publishers are seeing higher CPM's with this approach, says Mike Zeman, VP Solutions at Publicis Groupe-owned VivaKi Nerve Center. 


Online GRPs Would Simplify Digital Video, TubeMogul’s Brett Wilson

If online GRPs become the norm in digital video, then "make goods"  will be more likely too when audiences aren't reached, says Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul. Beet.TV contributor Ashley Swartz spoke to Wilson at the Beet.TV Real-Time Buying Leadership Summit at the GroupM offices in New York about the prospect of online GRPs and how they might change […]


Big Brand Marketers Embracing Programmatic Buying, Forrester’s O’Connell

Big brands including Kellogg, Ford and P&G are putting "millions" of dollars into the programmatic buying ecosystem, says Joanna O'Connnell, analyst at Forrester Research, in this inteview with Beet.TV

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