NAPA, CA – One of the most significant developments in the move to programmatic video advertising buying is the rapid emergence of audience guarantees via Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings (OCR), says Brett Wilson, CEO of video ad tech company TubeMobul in this interview with Beet.TV commentator Ashley Swartz.
Over the past 12 months, audience guarantees have evolved from zero to as much as 30 percent of the media buying spend, he says.

He also notes that an increasing numbers of brands are using programmatic buying.  (Here is a report from Adweek on the trend.)

These are some of the takeaways of Wilson of the his company’s three-day executive retreat which included 130 attendees from agencies and brands.

Today, comScore reported that TubeMogul has 1.7 billion video ads viewed in September.

Disclosure:   Beet.TV covered and produced a series of video from this event as part of sponsorship arrangement.