CNN Digital Will Complement TV Debate Tonight

CNN has planned an online experience that complements rather than reproduces the televised broadcast of the presidential debates, according to Alex Wellen, Deputy Political Director of As more and more viewers are watching the broadcast with their laptops close at hand, real-time reactions from CNN analysts, the People Meter, and scorecards have become an […]


Jeff Jarvis: Big Media Companies Need to Reinvent Online Video

Big media companies need to stop imitating traditional television formats in online video, according to BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis. There’s no reason to do stand-ups and b-roll when the Internet provides the opportunity to reinvent the entire format, he says.


The Big Themes in Election Coverage: HuffPo Eat The Press Editor Breaks it Down

The theme of women in power has played a central role in media coverage this election, according to Rachel Sklar, editor of The Huffington Post’s Eat The Press page. Sklar spoke on a panel at the TimeWarner Politics 08 Summit today called “Playing Politics with Gender – Media, Candidates, and the Majority Vote.”


Campbell Brown: Calling out Candidates for Falsehoods Isn’t Partisan

When a candidate says something that is incorrect, pointing it out to the viewers isn’t partisan, according to Campbell Brown, anchor of CNN’s Campbell Brown: Election Center. “If I don’t [point it out to my viewers], I’m insulting their intelligence, and I’m not comfortable with myself, because I’m ignoring something that is clearly factual and […]


CNN Digital Beats Competitors During Second Presidential Debate, Citing Nielsen Numbers

Barack Obama and John McCain weren’t the only ones battling it out during Tuesday’s town hall-style debate: CNN Digital Network vied with and other major players for the most unique visitors. CNN came out on top, the company announced today, generating 8.3 million uniques and 67 million total minutes spent on the site. CNN […]


Huff or Die: Funny or Die Teams with The Huffington Post

The comedy video website Funny or Die, humor site 23/6 and The Huffington Post have teamed up to create Huff or Die, accessible at, to showcase their best political humor videos and blog posts. Funny or Die made the announcement last week.


New Video Platform Enables Interactive Debate Coverage

The new interactive video platform, which allows users to annotate video with links, pictures, and commentary, opened to the public yesterday.’s coverage of Friday’s debate brings information from the web–like voting records, news, analysis, and quotes–to a screen adjacent to the streaming video. Launches Interactive Debate Video Player’s interactive debate video player, launched on Friday at in time for the first presidential contest, allows viewers to watch or re-watch the debate footage and jump ahead to specific topics by clicking on one of twenty keywords.


Current TV To Stream Tweets over Live Debate Coverage

Global television network Current TV has teamed up with Twitter for “Hack the Debate,” a live broadcast of the debates this evening that will display real-time Twitter comments from its audience on the screen. The broadcast visualization and online streaming will be powered by Adobe Flash, and the list of cable and satellite channels that […]


Exclusive: Sarah Palin, Hilary Clinton Skit on Saturday Night Live Breaks Record for Video Streams at NBC

  Not only was this past Saturday Night Live’s broadcast a big hit on television, with its biggest season premiere audience since 2001, it has created the most popular online video clip ever published by NBC, a network spokesperson has told Beet.TV.  The opening Sarah Palin/Hilary Clinton skit performed by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler […]


Sarah Palin Wins Online Video Sweeps, Report

The immense interest in Republican vice presidential nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has driven 38 million video views over the past week, including YouTube videos, broadcast videos and spoofs, reports the Silicon Alley Insider’s Michael Learmonth.  Michael has created his report on numbers provided TubeMogul.


Exclusive: Washington Post Grabs Syndication of Citizen Journalism Politics Series

Purple States TV, an online political show reported through the eyes of five citizen journalists, will syndicate its videos to The Washington Post politics site beginning tomorrow, founder and executive producer Cynthia Farrar told me in an interview on the Beet.TV rooftop earlier today. The videos will be featured on the front page of the […] Sets New Traffic Record During Democratic National Convention, Network Says

More online viewers watched coverage of the Barack Obama acceptance speech and coverage of the Democratic National Convention on August 29 on than any other news site, including CNN, the company announced today, citing Nielsen Online numbers.


First series of “Pink” to Premiere on The WB’s New Website

The first blockbuster web series has yet to be born, as Brian Stelter observed in his “New York Times” article Sunday, but there are plenty of content creators trying to change that. Santa Monica-based web production company Generate launched the political satire web series “Republicrats” August 18 and will premiere the second season of dark […]


CNN’s iReport Registers Spike in User Submissions

Last night House Speaker Nancy Pelosi answered questions about Congress, the economy, and marijuana legalization–posed not by journalists and pundits, but by contributors to online communities and The interview is one of the ways CNN is adding the “voice of real people on the ground” to their election coverage, according to Senior […]


Blogger Hangout at Democratic National Convention, CNET Takes a Tour

Blog coverage of the DNC is high with a record 120 blogs credentialed to cover the convention. CNET reporter Kara Tsuboi goes behind the scene in the “Big Tent,” a sort of giant blogger lounge sponsored by Google, YouTube and Digg.  I’ve posted Kara’s report here.


Online Video News Milestone: CNN Has Live Streaming Video Widget….HuffPost Gets it First

In what we consider a milestone in the syndication of live online video news, CNN has introduced a widget for its live streaming service.


Award-Winning Video Blogger Detained in Beijing

Free Tibet 2008 reports today that Brian Conley, creator of citizen journalist video blog Alive in Baghdad, was detained Tuesday in Beijing with friend Jeffrey Rae. Conley’s wife received a text message at 12:30 Beijing time yesterday that said, “In jail. All fine.” Conley and Rae shot and distributed video of a Students for a […]


John McCain Campaign Videos Hosted by

The campaign videos of presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain, are being hosted on, the small New York-based video publishing site, Beet.TV has confirmed.


Washington Post/Newsweek Convention Webcasts Features Mega Bloggers Arianna Huffington, Markos Moulitsas, Jeff Jarvis, others….

As network television has largely abandoned live coverage of the national political conventions, the online media world is expanding coverage and resources.

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