Barack Obama’s Campaign Web Site Outpaces John McCain’s by 2-1 in Traffic and Time Spent, Nielsen Online…..Campaign Videos Drive Engagement

The Web site of the campaign of Barack Obama had 3.3 million unique visitors in June, double the 1.6 million uniques for the John McCain site.  Time spent per visit on the Obama campaign was over 11 minutes vs. 5:30 minutes on the McCain site, Nielsen Online has told Beet.TV


Reuters Lead Initial Coverage of South Ossetia Conflict — And Is Providing Extraordinary Video Reporting

On Thursday, August 7, Reuters correspondent Margarita Antidze was the first to report on the escalating fighting in the South Ossetian town of Megvrekisi. The news organization was quick to mobilize print and video reporters the region.  The first video segments appeared on the world’s television stations and online the next day.  


Brightcove Powers Britain’s “Number 10” TV — Prime Minister’s Online Video Show

The office of Britain’s Prime Minister has launched a online video channel called Number 10 to provide speeches, media events and archives.  We’ve embedded a segment below.


McCain’s “Sleazy” Obama Celeb Ad Passes 1 Million Views in 24 Hours on YouTube

Whether or not the McCain campaign’s “Is He Ready to Lead” video will help or hurt his campaign is hard to say, but it is surely a hit.  Uploaded yesterday, the video has garnered about 1.1 million views as of 10 p.m. Eastern time on 7/31.


YouTube Has Speech-to-Text Functionality…..and it Works

YouTube has introduced rich metadata into select videos, which will significantly impact how online video is discovered and consumed. Announced in June, we have found the technology is very useful.  Last week, we got an update on this from Steve Grove, head of news and politics at YouTube.


YouTube: A Double-Edged Sword for Political Candidates

PALO ALTO–Two years ago, former Virgina Sen. George Allen lost his bid for reelection after a YouTube video of him calling a Democratic volunteer “macaca” became an instant hit. Today, political “gotchya videos” are surfacing on YouTube every few days, and candidates have never had to be more careful about what they say.


Online Video Comedy is Serious Business in JibJab

JibJab today debuted its McCain/Obama comedy video. Just got a huge debut on the Today Show.  JibJab has created a business around comedy video and has gotten some serious funding from Polaris Ventures. Last month in Hollywood, I interviewed founder and CEO Gregg Spiridellis.  I’ve reposted the interview today tied the campaign video debut. — […]


U.S. Army Attracts 70 Percent of Prospects

An online video campaign is attracting 70 percent of new army prospects, Beet.TV has learned. MRM, a digital ad agency owned by Interpublic Group, produced videos for the online Army Strong campaign that highlight and demystify the Army experience. Last week we spoke with MRM New York’s Creative Director Michael Jacobs, who heads digital campaigns […]


Joe Trippi

Click To Play Joe Trippi, political operative and Internet visionary, shares his views of citizen journalism, its future and the impact it will have on companies.  Joe is the author of "The Revolution will not be Televised," which was just released in paperback.   — Andy Plesser Joe Trippi, Citizen Journalism

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