The comedy video website Funny or Die, humor site 23/6 and The Huffington Post have teamed up to create Huff or Die, accessible at, to showcase their best political humor videos and blog posts. Funny or Die made the announcement last week.

At the Omma Global conference last month I spoke with CEO Dick Glover about the site’s soaring traffic this summer. In August, when the company launched Paris Hilton’s response to McCain’s celebrity ad–which rocketed to become its fourth most popular video of all time–the site saw 8 million unique visitors. Glover told me he expected September to be just as strong.

The charged political environment is giving the site plenty of fodder, and other political videos like Gina Gerson’s spoof of Sarah Palin are also helping drive traffic.

The site’s recent growth extends beyond monthly visitors: Funny or Die launched a British version of its site late last month featuring BBC comedy Little Britain stars Matt Lucas and David Williams.
The US version frequently features its founders, Will Ferrell and
Anchorman co-star Adam McKay.

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer