The campaign videos of presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain, are being hosted on, the small New York-based video publishing site, Beet.TV has confirmed.

The campaign also has a YouTube channel, but it uses the player to feature its videos., known as a favored platform for a number of videobloggers
including Beet.TV,  and  episodic content creators, has been a used by
politicians for some time, says Dina Kaplan, co-founder.  She said John
Edwards, Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd and Ned Lamont, a candidate for
U.S. Senate in Connecticut have used Blip to host campaign videos.

Dina told me that like many of the hundreds of new channels sprouting
up continuously on, the McCain page was created by the campaign
on the platform with no contact with the staff.  Like YouTube,
there is no cost to content creators in posting content.

She says that  consumption of McCain videos are among the highest of the site.  She declined to offer specific numbers.

The Obama campaign videos are hosted on Brightcove, a paid video hosting service.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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