The theme of women in power has played a central role in media coverage this election, according to Rachel Sklar, editor of The Huffington Post’s Eat The Press page. Sklar spoke
on a panel at the TimeWarner Politics 08 Summit today called “Playing
Politics with Gender – Media, Candidates, and the Majority Vote.”

Sklar has followed stories about Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, and the candidates wives with interest, she told Andy in an interview at the conference yesterday. Questions asked about the coverage in retrospect might include, “How far did women come? Was Sarah Palin a step forward or a step back?” and “What did she represent that was different than what Hillary Clinton represented?” Sklar says.

She also discusses negative campaigning, the tanking of the economy, and dwindling public interest in the Iraq war.

You can read Sklar’s live Twitter feed about the conference sessions here.

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer