Twitter’s Moore: Communicating In An ‘Increasingly Visual’ Way For Users, Advertisers

MIAMI – As Twitter endeavors to future-proof itself, live video has been trending this year. The traditional 140-character communications platform sees “global video solutions” as a way of letting users view and communicate with all sorts of characters—with advertisers in tow. “If you open up that app today, it looks a hell of a lot […]


MediaLink’s Spiegel: Clean Up Overlapping Digital Supply Chain Partners

ORLANDO, Florida – Against a backdrop of headlines calling into question digital business practices by media agencies, the digital supply chain needs “clean up” its duplicative players or else marketers could pull back on their participation. That’s the prognosis of MediaLink Managing Director Matt Spiegel, who sees way too much duplication in that supply chain. […]


Marketers Are Yet To Grasp Advanced Attribution: Merkle, Furious Corp., Coull, MediaLink

VIEQUES, PR — In an age where the media we use give off signals back to advertisers, marketers are being sold on the potential to thread each in to a holistic view of customers and of their ad effectiveness. But the reality so far is a little different, a panel of advertising tech execs discussed at a […]


Decentralize Programmatic Slowly: Merkle’s Delaney

VIEQUES, PR — It’s arguably five years since real-time ad buying went mainstream. At the start, ad agencies tended to concentrate their programmatic specialism in distinct corporate units, run as a service for sibling departments. But, as the techniques have gained adoption, some have been tempted to make the function available across the group. Case in […]


Digital Media Business Needs to Embrace Diversity, MediaLink’s Michael Kassan

PALM SPRINGS — As the digital media industry celebrates its 20 years and the milestone of being a $50 billion global industry, the business needs to become more diverse, says Michael Kassen, CEO of the powerhouse media consultantcy in this interview. We spoke with him on Sunday at the IAB’s annual leadership meeting.


Curtain Falls on “Pitchapalooza” and Not Much Has Changed, MediaLink’s Kassan

LAS VEGAS – At Cannes Lions, many in the media agency world were consumed by an unprecedented number of accounts in review.  The torrent was named “Pitchapalooza.” With most of the reviews are over and there have been notable winners and losers, but the net share of business hasn’t  changed much, says Michael Kassan, Chairman & CEO […]


Digital Takes over TV: Wenda Harris Millard ‘Wrote’ the Headline 20 Years Ago

Recent industry reports say that advertising revenue from digital media will surpass television this year.  It will be a moment that industry veteran Wenda Harris Millard had doodled as a fantasy headline some 20 years ago, when she was a senior executive at Doubleclick in the early and uncertain days of ad tech, she tells Beet.TV […]


Programmatic Is Big, Just Don’t Call it That, MediaLink’s Matt Spiegel

FORT LAUDERDALE –  The state of automated media transactions and audience targeting with deep  data is growing quickly, but it should not be called “programmatic” explains  Matt Spiegel, SVP/GM, Data & Technology Solutions at MediaLink.. Programmatic isn’t a media platform, it isn’t a thing and the perception of the word is actually limiting the growth of […]


Local TV Stations Embracing Targeted Advertising via New Routes, MediaLink’s Karl Spangenberg explains

FORT LAUDERDALE – We hear a lot about the opportunities for cable and satellite operators to glean rich data from set-top boxes and deliver “addressable” ads to specific consumers.   For local TV stations, that set-top information is not available. But other forms of data is actionable — and a consortium of nine local broadcast groups […]


Careers in AdTech Will be Powered by Digital Transformation, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong

Less than 10 percent of e-commerce and advertising is powered digitally —  but that will inevitably change. And the looming transformation will provides a twenty to thirty-year “tailwind” for the entire adtech and media industry which will mean vast opportunities for young people entering the industry, says Tim Armstrong, CEO and Chairman of AOL Inc in this video. Also […]


Innovation Will Be Big Focus at Cannes Lions, MediaLink’s Michael Kassan

From the MediaLink suite at the top of the Carlton hotel, to the stages and hall of the Palais, innovation around advertising technology will be more prominent than ever, says Michael Kassan, CEO of powerhouse media consultancy MediaLink.  We spoke with him in April about the upcoming Cannes Lions Festival. MediaLink will showcase a number […]


Partnership Is Fuel For Creativity: MediaLink’s Kassan

Call it alchemy, call it a meeting of minds, but marrying up seemingly-disparate disciplines it the key to unlocking business growth. So says one of the leaders of cross-disciplinary media consultancy MediaLink. “Partnership is what makes this world go around,” according to CEO Michael Kassan. “You need people who are growing toward the same goals. One shop does not fit all […]


“Programmatic” will Fade in the Media Lexicon, MediaLink’s Michael Kassan

CANNES, France – While “programmatic” has been a much-referenced  buzzword of the Cannes Festival, in the future it will just be media buying, albeit machine-lead for most media except network TV, predicts  Michael Kassan, CEO of the powerhouse media consultancy MediaLink, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with him during the Festival onboard the […]


Programmatic Advertising Will Drive Creativity, MediaLink’s Wenda Harris Millard

While the move to automated, or programmatic advertising, decisioning is bringing greater efficiency and pricing to the marketplace, it will enable a greater creativity by freeing up the resources of agencies, says Wenda Harris Millard, President and COO of MediaLink, the influential media industry consultancy, in this video interview with Beet.TV She also speaks about […]


MediaLink’s Kassan on the NewFronts: There Will Be Deals

Notwithstanding all the pageantry and hype around the two weeks of presentations by the digital publishers for what is called  the Digital Content NewFronts, there will be deals.  What had been an industry showcase, has become a marketplace, says Michael Kassan, CEO of powerhouse media consultancy MediaLink in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with […]


Silicon Valley is Heading to Cannes Lions, a Rapidly Changing Festival

Started as a celebration of advertising creativity, the annual Cannes Lions has expanded with big  digital media component  In the upcoming June  festival,  there will be big presence of technology companies from Silicon Valley, says Philip Thomas, the London-based CEO of the event, in this interview with Beet.TV  He says other new sectors include traditional […]


Wearable Technology New Opportunity for Marketers, MediaLink CEO Says

LAS VEGAS —  Keep an eye on developments in wearable technology as that’s a field ripe for marketing innovation, says  Michael Kassan, Chairman and CEO of MediaLink, a media consulting firm, in an interview with Beet.TV at CES. “CES allows important conversations between marketers and manufacturers, which can help in delivering the new technology. This year at […]


Marketing Decisions Moving to Company Technology Officers, Medialink’s Kassan

COLOGNE  — Marketing decision are becomingly increasingly technology driven and that creates challenges for companies who have long relied on the role of marketing executives, says Michael Kassan, CEO of the U.S. media advisory firm  Medialink, in this interview with Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV We spoke with him last week at the AOL booth […]


Dispatch from Cannes Lions: MediaLink’s Michael Kassan Moves to Front and Center

CANNES – Michael Kassan, CEO of the LA/NY-based  MediaLink, a highly influential media and technology consulting firm,  has emerged as one of the Cannes Lion’s most important players, hosting the the week’s most in-demand party and programming five days of sessions in the convention center, principally with the firm’s clients. We spoke with Kassan this week […]

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