Cannes Lions 2104: We’re all “Marketing in a Digital World,” Simulmedia’s Dave Morgan

While digital media has been part of the conversation at the annual Cannes Lions Festival for some five years, the digital revolution means that the industry is now operating in a pervasive, digital world. Not just using digital marketing, we are “marketing in a digital world,” says Dave Morgan CEO of Simulmedia, in this interview […]


The NewFronts Are Good Marketing, but Not a Market, Simulmedia’s Dave Morgan

While the Digital Content NewFronts, which concludes today, provides good visibility and marketing for the digital advertising industry and video producers, “it’s not a futures market” nor an “upfront.” TV dominates video with advertising sales expected rise as much as $5 billion this year, says Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia. Morgan’s company provides digital […]


Simulmedia’s Morgan: Data Will Unbundle Marketing

LOS ANGELES — The biggest benefit of the proliferation of big data in advertising lies in accountability, says Dave Morgan, CEO and founder of Simulmedia, in an interview with Beet.TV at the 4A’s conference in Los Angeles. Data can also help marketers to “unbundle” campaigns as they learn exactly which components are driving business objectives and […]


TV Can Beat YouTube At Targeted Reach: Simulmedia’s Morgan

There’s still life yet in the old dog that is the US TV industry. And by introducing digital-style targeting to this analogue medium, Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan is trying to grow the $74bn sector still larger. “We can deliver, in one campaign in a day, on TV with normal linear 30-second spots, more targeted reach […]


Programmatic TV Is Years Away: Simulmedia’s Morgan

Many online ad buyers who are now using so-called “programmatic” trading techniques for video are getting excited about the idea of old-fashioned TV using the same digital processes. But not so fast, says one experienced ad exec. “We can’t have real-time ad deliveries in linear TV – the infrastructure doesn’t support it – that’s many, […]


Simulmedia’s Morgan: TV Can Make $30bn By Optimizing Ads

LAS VEGAS — By most reckonings, the US TV ad industry sells about $70 billion in ads each year. Dave Morgan thinks he can make that $100 billion. The Tacoda founder now helms Simulmedia, a company bringing an avalanche of data to bear on TV ad buying – a process Morgan says deserves to be […]


Simulmedia Opens Access to TV Marketing Campaign Reports

CANNES — Targeted TV advertising company Simulmedia is giving brands, agencies and anyone who wants it a peek into how various TV campaigns perform in its new Open Access project, says Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, in this interview with Beet.TV. The Open Access project is free on Simulmedia’s site and includes details on reach, frequency, […]

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