CANNES — Targeted TV advertising company Simulmedia is giving brands, agencies and anyone who wants it a peek into how various TV campaigns perform in its new Open Access project, says Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, in this  interview with Beet.TV.
The Open Access project is free on Simulmedia’s site and includes details on reach, frequency, and cost performance from more than 100 national advertisers across recent TV campaigns, he says.
The overarching mission with the opening of the database is to bring more efficiency and less waste to TV marketing through a better understanding of what’s working. Throughout the year, Simulmedia expects to open even more of its site for use of its TV media planning tools, as well as reporting and measurement.
Also in the year ahead, Morgan says Simulmedia is aiming to scale its real-time service for the advertisers who need instant awareness and optimization for their TV campaigns. For more insight into Simulmedia’s new tools and growth plans for 2013, please check out this video interview.