CANNES, France — The coming evolution in which TV ad sales will be conducted using online practices will finally enable the real vision of digital media for brands, says Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan.

“A lot of the (advertising) approaches that worked in the digital world over the last 20 years are finally ready for application to TV,” Morgan tells Beet.TV.

“(Back then), we had this idea that this information superhighway was going to plug in to the back of the TV set. Then the web came along and brought the PC-based online world. That, to me, was a distraction.

“The most impactful, largest-reaching advertising medium by far is linear television.”

Morgan, whose Simulmedia helps TV advertisers buy targeted audiences even in linear channels, was speaking with Luma CEO Terence Kawaja during Beet.TV’s summit on the future of television advertising during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.   Please find more Beet coverage of Cannes Lions here.

Disclaimer:  Beet’s coverage of Cannes is sponsored by Simulmedia.