There’s still life yet in the old dog that is the US TV industry. And by introducing digital-style targeting to this analogue medium, Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan is trying to grow the $74bn sector still larger.

“We can deliver, in one campaign in a day, on TV with normal linear 30-second spots, more targeted reach than YouTube can deliver all day,” Morgan tells Beet.TV

Simulmedia sets out to bring an avalanche of data to bear on TV ad buying. “We have viewing data on about 60m Americans – and we have purchase data on about 8m of them,” Morgan says.

“The standard measurements used in the industry today – the 50,000-person Nielsen sample – cannot see at that level of granularity across those spots. We’re finding the needles in the haystack of thousands and thousands of spots, aggregating them by the ton and delivering them to the advertiser.”