Dave Morgan says  Simulmedia, is taking an important step by participating in upcoming US TV ad-buying upfronts for the first time.

“It’s been something we’ve watched from the sidelines as a spectator,” Morgan tells Beet.TV. “For the first time, we have positions on both the sell side and the buy side.”

Simulmedia brings an avalanche of data to bear on TV ad buying, including using a “super-panel” comprising Nielsen, Kantar, MRI, TRA, NBI and purchase data. It is looking for specific content for specific brands in the upfronts, which Morgan says account for about $20bn (30%) of the $75bn US TV advertising business.

Despite the increasing closeness of online video and TV advertising, Morgan is cautious about prospects for dynamic, addressable ad insertion on TV, saying the platforms typically don’t support such a prospect but that savvy targeting can customise ad targeting a few weeks in advance. “For TV, that’s close to real-time,” Morgan quips.