Tacoda and Simulmedia founder Dave Morgan is just back from a fun week chewing over the TV ad tech revolution at Cannes Lions with Beet.TV He is interviewed on stage by digital media investment banker Terence Kwaja.

In this AdAge article, Morgan concludes channel fragmentation, a desire for accountability and digital envy are finally moving TV folks to invest in addressable advertising, programmatic technology and better targeting.

“In total, there are probably 10-12 million U.S. homes enabled for addressable TV ads today, with that number expected to grow to 20 million in 2015 and possibly 40 million in 2016,” he writes.

But Morgan issues the same cautious prognosis delivered during Beet.TV’s Cannes sessions: “Change won’t happen overnight. But, as marketers demand to learn exactly how each and every ad spot is performing for them … they will start pushing for that change to happen faster.”

Disclosure: Simulmedia was a sponsor of Beet.TV’s coverage of Cannes Lions which includes the video on this page.  We have republished this video today.