Many online ad buyers who are now using so-called “programmatic” trading techniques for video are getting excited about the idea of old-fashioned TV using the same digital processes. But  not so fast, says one experienced ad exec.

“We can’t have real-time ad deliveries in linear TV – the infrastructure doesn’t support it – that’s many, many years away,” says Simulmedia CEO and founder Dave Morgan.

“TV ads have to be scheduled – in most cases, that’s weeks in advance; in least cases, that’s days in advance. A lot of folks that talk about programmatic may find themselves disappointed in waiting.”

But Tacoda founder Morgan, whose current company brings an avalanche of data to bear on TV ad buying, says “proto-programmatic” could gain traction in TV by bringing some aspects of online and TV buying together.

Work carried out by Nielsen and Simulmedia shows the two media are colliding but TV stays in pole position.