Live Video Management Moves To The Cloud: iStreamPlanet’s Babic

LAS VEGAS — Take more than one video management software suite in to the shower? Now a new breed of company wants to wrap them all in to one package. One such outfit is Las Vegas-based iStreamPlanet, which just announced it will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud hosting to locate its product offering that runs software […]


Rovi Sees Ingredients For Operator Success In The Cloud

Cloud-based infrastructure can revolutionize the TV business says one internet TV technology vendor. “We strongly believe in the cloud, it can change the industry,” Rovi’s product development VP Thierry Lehartel tells Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show. At the show, Rovi announced Remote Access Services, an upgrade to its existing Cloud Services which lets pay-TV operators […]


Brightcove Aims to Aid ‘Multi-Screen World’

LAS VEGAS – Brightcove, a global provider of cloud content services, is trying to remove some of the complexity inherent in providing content to the breadth of devices available today, says Chris Johnston, VP of Digital Media at Brightcove, in an interview with Beet.TV “Seven years ago, the question was, ‘How do I get video […]


GigaOm’s Ernie Sander: ‘Hadoop’ Looms Large at Cloud Computing Conference

Hadoop, the 10-year old open source platform for data management, is one of the hot topics around cloud computing at the GigaOm Structure, a two-day event taking place in New York. For an overview on the fast-growing sector around cloude computing, we caught up with Ernie Sander, Executive Editor of GigaOm at event today.


RAMP Enters Video Cloud Business with SharePoint Integration

RAMP, the Boston-based content optimization company, best known for providing voice-to-text technology services to media companies, is launching a full enterprise video services product called MediaCloud.


Brightcove Lands Viacom, Discovery International as Customers

In a conference call on Q3 earnings, Brightcove, the big Boston-based video services company, said that both Viacom and Discovery International have become new customers.


Akamai Launches Cloud-based Video Transcoding Service

AMSTERDAM — Seeking to address the growing demand of video producers to create files in multiple streams, for numerous digital devices, Akamai has launched a cloud-based transcoding service called Sola Vision.


Video Startup ‘Clinch’ To Launch Social Movie Making App

Video startup 'Clinch' will launch a new app that edits video footage and photos from multiple mobile devices to produce one full movie.


Internet Content Delivery Pricing Finally Leveling Off as Demand Soars

The costs for content delivery network services (CDN), which have been in steep decline since 2009, have finally leveled off says Dan Rayburn, an industry analyst with Frost & Sullivan and EVP of


Microsoft: Moving the World’s Media Streaming to the Cloud — “We are buying hundreds of thousands of servers”

LAS VEGAS, Microsoft has taken the wraps off its Media Plaform which is now hosted on Windows Azure, here at the NAB Show.


Cisco Advances Cloud-Based “Videoscape” Service with Global Broadcasters

LAS VEGAS — Building on its Videoscape product, tech giant Cisco has introduced several new features at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Cisco’s Scott Puopolo, VP of the company’s Internet Business Solutions Group, told Beet.TV during an interview at the show.


Exclusive: Hollywood Studios Readying Common File Format for Digital Distribution

LAS VEGAS – The industry consortium of five of the the major Hollywood studios, the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), is readying a common file format for digital content distribution, says Mitchell Singer, President of the group and Chief Technology Officer of Sony Pictures in this interview with Beet.TV


Cisco Plans for Massive, Video-Rich Web with 500 Billion Hours of Video up by 2015

SAN JOSE, Calif — The "pipes" of the Internet will be crucial to the success of an increasingly video-rich Internet and Cisco is putting in place a number of solutions, says Scott Puopolo, VP for Internet Business, in this interview with Beet.TV


Cisco Expects 12 Billion Net Connected Devices by 2014 and Plans to Deliver Video to Many

LAS VEGAS, Cisco Systems expects that there will be 12 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2014 and plans to deliver video to many of these devices through Cisco Videoscape, says Murali Nemani, Director of Video Solutions in this interview with Beet.TV


SpeakerText Produces “Clickable” Transcripts from Videos from YouTube,, Brightcove and Ooyala — Vimeo to Follow Soon

A small Bay Area, angel-backed start-up called SpeakerText provides publishers with a plug-in  to transcribe videos with clickable and shareable transcripts. 


Exclusive Video: YouTube Seeks to Close Lag Time with New Online Editing Tool

SAN BRUNO, Calif  — Late yesterday, YouTube launched an ambitious new product to allow users to edited uploaded videos in a range of file formats.  


Cisco Has “Cached” Solution for Looming Demand for Internet Video

SAN JOSE, California –Exploding bandwidth consumption resulting from HD and 3-D video, gaming, and teleconferencing will create unprecedented demands on Internet services providers.


Celebrating Earth Day with Internet Pioneers Robert Metcalfe and Vint Cerf

Today, on Earth Day, as we look at ways to preserve the environment, video is surely a way to limit our carbon footprint via video teleconferencing, video chat, and other technologies.