LAS VEGAS – Brightcove, a global provider of cloud content services, is trying to remove some of the complexity inherent in providing content to the breadth of devices available today, says Chris Johnston, VP of Digital Media at Brightcove, in an interview with Beet.TV

“Seven years ago, the question was, ‘How do I get video on the Internet at all?’ That question has been solved but in some ways is now worse because ‘on the Internet’ means on my desktop, on my laptop, on my tablet, on my phone, on my connected TV, on my connected device plugged in to my TV,” says Johnston. “And that all implies different video formats and different mechanisms, different bandwidths and different sizes. These are all things that Brightcove can help handle.”

The multi-screen world is here, Johnson says. In order to eliminate some of the fragmentation that comes with the proliferation of so many devices, Brightcove is creating an abstraction layer so that, for any new device or operating system, the content is delivered in the proper format and publishers can reach their audiences wherever they are.

We spoke to Johnston at NAB 2013.

– Katy Charles