World Cup Fever: Internet Has Busiest News Day as Tabulated by Akamai

Akamai, the world's largest operator of a network of computers, today is showing on its Web site that it is the busiest day for bandwidth demand for news sites.  There are some 11 million visitor requests per minute to its network, up 233 percent from the normal demand at this time.


Adobe’s Big Peer-to-Peer Plans: “We can Eliminate Bandwidth Costs”

With the imminent launch of Flash Player 10.1, Adobe will provide publishers with tools to dramatically reduce bandwidth costs with a new peer-to-peer system, explains Kevin Towes, Product Manager of Adobe Flash Media Server, in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV.


Top TV Nets Turn to Stealthy Conviva to Micro-manage User Bandwidth

Delivering a high quality, non-buffering video experience has become essential for distributors of premium content online.  To assure a satisfactory experience, several networks, including NBC, ESPN3, AT&T,,, and, are working with Conviva, a San Mateo, venture-backed company.


KIT Digital to Power Tribeca Film Festival Video Site

KIT Digital, the big Pague-based video services company will be powering video on the Tribeca Film Festival site, which will feature several live events and clips from films from this and previous festivals.


Akamai Reports All Time Single Day Peak of 3.45 Terabits Per Second on April 9

LAS VEGAS — Demand for bandwidth at Akamai reached a new, single-day peak of 3.45 Terabits per second (Tbps) of content served on Friday, April 9th, the company says. 


Akamai’s Tom Leighton: The Internet Won’t Scale With Centralized Data Centers

LAS VEGAS — Tom Leighton, co-founder and chief scientist of Akamai, says that television content will delivered primarily over the Internet in rich, interactive forms.


Cisco Forecasts Monthly Bandwidth Consumption at an Astounding 15 Terabytes for U.S. Consumers

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The amount of data associated with video consumption per user in the United States has reached 12 gibabytes per month — globally it is about 4 GB.  


Verizon Could Serve Over 15 Million Homes with Broadband Connection of 400 MBPS

Lots of buzz yesterday with Google's announcement that it is in early stages of a system to deliver ultra fast Internet service, at 1GBPS to homes in the United States.


Delve, Akamai Announce Collaboration

SEATTLE, WA — Online video platform company Delve Networks paired up with Akamai in a deal to provide joint video services to customers, the companies announced today.


Ou La La: Cannes Film Festival in HD

NEW YORK, NY — Akamai has returned to the Cannes Film Festival this year, powering the video distribution of film trailers and event coverage, but this time in HD quality. 


Shiny HD Outlook: Revenue to Reach $2.2 Billion by 2012

LAS VEGAS –  HD video is becoming a larger part of the online video ecosystem with nearly a third of computer users viewing HD content. 


News From NAB: Microsoft Rolls Out “Adaptive Streaming” for HD Video

LAS VEGAS — In an effort to deliver the same experience for HD online video streams for consumers with different bandwidth connections, the industry is embracing a technology called "adaptive streaming."  


Akamai Seeks Standardization of Video Players with Big Industry Initiative

I caught up last month in San Francisco with Tim Napoleon, Akamai's chief digital strategist who spoke about the importance of creating industry standards around the many video players in the market.


While pay-per-view for fights have long been the stable of cable operators and satellite networks, it is very new for online publishers. In what we understand to b

NEW YORK — While pay-per-view for fights have long been a staple of cable operators and satellite networks, it is very new for online publishers.


KIT Digital Has Bolstered Focus on Three-Screen Video

KIT digital, a jack-of-all trades company that can produce videos for clients, deliver them over their own global CDN, and monetize them, will continue to strengthen its focus on mobile and TV through set-top boxes in 2009, Head of the Americas Dan Rosen told me at the Beet.TV studio.


Hold the Presses: The Subscription Model Works for Online Video (Major League Baseball, at least)

Paid subscriptions to online video is not a business model for most publishers, save the porno biz, but it is working out well for Major League Baseball, Brad Stone of The New York Times reports today.  Brad has the scoop on the new video player and subscription service unveiled by Major League Baseball.


Akamai CTO: Adaptive Streaming from Adobe and Microsoft Will be Big in 2009

Adaptive streaming, the technology which allows high quality streaming video to play properly over Internet connections of ranging connection speeds, has been a part of the big success of Move Networks, a Utah company which provides the online video platform for ABC Television and others.  The quality is stunning.  Here's my interview with Move CEO […] Relied on P2P for Over Half of the Live Streams of the Inauguration, Report

In keeping up with the unprecedented demand for bandwidth for streaming the Inauguration of Barack Obama, relied on a peer-to-peer program in a substantial way, according to a report by Janko Roettgers at NewTeeVee.


EdgeCast, Disney-backed Global Computer Network, Lands Deutsche Telekom

Big win for the Los Angeles-based EdgeCast Network, a new content delivery network (CDN) backed by Disney's Steamboat Ventures, has backbone deal with Deutsche Telekom.  Om Malik at NewTeeVee broke the story earlier today. 


Ovewhelmed by Demand for Live Inauguration Views, Puts “Overflow” Visitors in a “Waiting Room”

Driven by unprecedented demand for live online video of the Inauguration of Barack Obama, was forced to limit the number of viewers of its online stream during the speech.  Some visitors who logged-on during the speech saw a message, explaining that they would be put in a "queue" and provided the stream when available.  […]

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